Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Happy 2013 !
So my New Years resolution should be to post more to this blog, but don't count on it.  I have a new found respect for DIY bloggers, it's enough work to keep up with the projects let alone blog about it.  So here is the project we've be working on.  The family room is pretty much empty because we are still deciding on what exactly we want that room to feel like, so in the mean time, we've at least painted the walls, painted the awful rock fireplace and added a door to the entry way that leads down stairs.

So above is what it looked like once we painted the walls, so much better than the previous pinky coral color ...

I am not sure why the previous owners felt compelled to add a fireplace in the 90's. There is no way we will ever need nor want this in Florida, but for now we are living with it, and trying to cover it up with art and what not...

On Christmas wkend we started painting the rock, it was actually easier than expected.
           This is what it looks like now, still a long ways from complete, but better than before.



On to the other side of life, larry got a kahuna stick for Christmas and I haven't gotten him to do much else since. This was taken as we were leaving to go see the FL orchestra....hmmmm....

First day of 2013, in front of the Dali museum, passing the time waiting on the sunrise over the bay

Gorgeous St. Pete

First sunrise of 2013, wonderful way to start the new year!



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