Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rearranging and what we learned...


So we seriously rearranged our living room today. We bought a great sideboard and mirror yesterday that I love and works so great in this house, but what we learned is that any time we spend money on this house, it only reveals further where we need to spend MORE money. The room looks better and much different as you will see below, but we desparetly need to paint and add different pieces. As Larry always says "we have 30 years babe", I hope he's referring to the mortgage payments left, and not the amount of time he's giving our marriage. :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Been Awhile

I am sorry to say that is has almost been a month since my last photo, and even more sorry to say very little has been done since then.  It's been a busy month and will probably continue until the year's end at this point.  I did go thru and take a some photos though of pretty much the whole house, very few secret spots are left after this post.  Just keep in mind these are all "before pics", it's only been 60 days since closing.

our guest bed with our wedding quilt on it. 
don't get attached to the bathroom above, we for sure are not.  It will be gutted to studs by the end of January.   In the mean time we will be using the one below ( and possibly the secret bathroom yet to be shown)

the "blk and white" bathroom as we call it is currently pretty much just Larry's domain.

 This is our room for now....

this is the extra room, it is attached to the blk and white bathroom, making it a possibly option for a master some day, but we are still deciding.  For now it is just a large expanse, best for my yoga room, see below.

the empty family room as seen earlier in the blog, now has a few more peices of furniture, but not many.

the beginnings of larry's office

more pics of our living room, not much has changed lately on the front