Sunday, October 28, 2012

The hippies have moved in....

 Notice anything missing?  Palm trees maybe?  Yep, they have relocated to the back yard.  The whole front got a face lift, in fact it is different today than it was 6 days ago when we took this photo.  New to follow soon enough.  I'll just be happier when this all starts to grow in and not looked so sad


So this is why I am saying the hippies have moved in, we cut up bamboo today (given to us by our neighbor) and made a compost bin.   Next to it you can see where one of the palms is temporarily located.

this was today's junk find, free set from the dumpster.  I am excited to fix these up and get them in the Florida room

Our glider...
Just trying to get some photos in for the"before set". This is the door off of our florida room, the foundation is now purple vs. brick red, our one small improvement.
So, you see the hippies have really arrived,... 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

House Sitters

So, we left our home and dog in the care of my parents for the weekend while we visited family in the Northeast. See below for what we came home to. Pretty drastic changes without consulting the home owners, but we were estatic non-the-less.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


     So this time last year I clearly remember thinking daily how much I need a space to work in, I needed somewhere to do crafts and mess with things, I just kept picturing an open space that had easy access to the outdoors and electricity. Well, in April when we looked at this house for the first time I found it. The very last room of the house is technically a MIL suite equipt with an old farm sink and cupboard, a rando bathroom off of it, and it's own entry. I FELL IN LOVE. This is what I needed!  Well, 2 weeks into living here I am already starting to use it. Nothing major, I just sanded down 2 chairs that I would like to paint next week. Still it was wonderful to have the space to do it. Ok - this got long.

Sorry it's been a few days since the last post. I'll get better !!


the room is huge- I have a gigantic picnic table and a large work bench (not photographed) in it right now and still plenty of room.